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Watch Webinar: Project work in Norway

Øivind og Synnøve 2


About the webinar

When doing project work in Norway, there are many registration and reporting responsibilities you need to understand. Tax law, VAT and compliance matters some of the key areas you need to consider. 

In this webinar, our lawyers Øivind and Synnøve takes you through these matters, helping you understand Norwegian compliance. 

The following topics is presented: 

  • The planning phase
  • Project / contract classification
  • VAT and customs matters
  • Corporate tax matters / Permanent establishment 
  • Personal tax matters  
  • Compliance / reporting responsibilities 

About our lawyers

Øivind Henrik Von Mehren specializes in tax law, boasting extensive experience in tax disputes, procedures, restructuring, and international taxation. Additionally, Øivind is proficient in corporate and business law, assisting clients in achieving success in Norway 

Synnøve Sørdal possesses broad expertise in general business law and specializes in VAT matters. She assists companies of all sizes with a range of VAT-related issues, including support for real estate projects, guidance for foreign companies operating in Norway, and negotiations with Tax Authorities


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