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Magnus Legal shows support for the people of Ukraine

The lawyers and staff of Magnus Legal are concerned by the situation in Ukraine, first and foremost as fellow human beings, but also as lawyers and advisers in a company with an international portfolio and an international network.

Magnus Legal is a member of MSI Global Alliance, which is an international network of lawyers in more than 100 countries. Through MSI, we are now participating in a joint Helpdesk initiative, where we help Ukrainian refugees with legal guidance and answer questions that arise when having to flee.

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If you know someone who needs help, the contact address is: enquiry@msiglobal.org

In addition, we donate a sum of money to the Norwegian Refugee Council’s work for Ukrainian refugees and internally displaced persons. The Norwegian aid organization is present in Ukraine to meet the increased humanitarian needs and describes, on their website, that they have received terrible and shocking reports from their colleagues on the ground in Ukraine.

If you also want to contribute, read more here: The war in Ukraine: here’s how you can help