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Advokatfullmektig til Bergen

1-2 Associate Lawyers

Magnus Legal is an innovative business law firm based in Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger, and Trondheim. We are now looking for 1-2 associate lawyers to our office in Bergen.

Roughly half our turnover comes from our international portfolio, and during the last couple of years we have experienced a significant growth within this market. Accordingly, our company has made a strategic decision to strengthen our focus on international clients. The candidates we are targeting now will play an important role in reaching these goals.

Although Magnus Legal is a medium-sized law firm by Norwegian standards (turnover of MNOK 53 in 2021), we punch above our weight when dealing with international clients. We are immensely proud of our international portfolio, which includes major European companies, but also heavyweights from the Asian and American market. In short, our international clients can be divided into four major groups:

  • Companies involved with construction and installation projects, primarily within renewable energy, civil engineering, and infrastructure

  • Companies targeting the Norwegian market with a long-term perspective, most often by establishing a subsidiary or branch office in Norway.

  • Companies who hire out consultants and engineers, primarily to the oil and gas industry

  • Foreign prosperous individuals who reside in Norway and are taxable to two or more countries

Magnus Legal’s unique selling proposition is that we provide a one-stop shop for our international clients. This means that you as one of our new associates will work with different legal fields, but tax law will eventually become your specialty.
Being one of our new associates at Magnus Legal, you would start off with registration and reporting responsibilities and experience how this “foundation” of compliance is highly integrated with complex tax, VAT, contract law and labour law issues.
After some time, you would be scrutinizing Tax Treaties to find ways to prevent double taxation for our clients, digging deep into OECD commentaries to learn about Norway’s right to impose tax on business profits from “permanent establishments”, and reviewing comprehensive contract documents to determine whether an assignment is a “genuine subcontract” or a “hired labour contract” (and learn why this distinction is of such great importance). You would be corresponding with allies from all over the world via our membership in MSI Global Alliance, a network of international law-firms that gives us global reach.
Finally, and most importantly, you will step by step learn how to become a trusted advisor for our international clients, helping them succeed while doing business in Norway.

At Magnus Legal you will learn how to sell your expertise and how to slowly build your own portfolio by using long-term strategies and online marketing tools. You will learn how to become a professional problem solver and a “project leader” for international companies entering the Norwegian market. Also, you will find yourself in a friendly environment where we work as a team, where experienced lawyers are stand-by to help and where the whole organization wants you to succeed.

Who are we looking for?

First of all, someone who gets intrigued by this slightly untraditional job advertisement. We expect that you are eager to learn more about our field of expertise. We have high standards, so your grades should be good. Also, our new candidates should be solution-oriented, “street-smart” and passionate about legal work. We appreciate people who are flexible, takes pride in their work and who are team players.

This year’s graduates are very welcome to apply.

Probably needless to say, it is a requirement to be comfortable communicating in English. Your Norwegian written language must of course also be impeccable. The interviews will be in Norwegian, but we prefer that you file your application in English. If you are fluent or acquainted with other languages, such as German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese or French, this will be considered an advantage.

Synnøve Sørdal_2For more information about the position please contact office manager Synnøve Sørdal.

Phone: 415 04 904


Application deadline 30.06.2022 
We are looking forward to hearing from you.

You could also check out our Norwegian website Karriere for more information about how it is to work in Magnus Legal.

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