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Watch webinar: The Norwegian Transparency Act and CSRD



Are you familiar with the Norwegian Transparency Act and EU's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)? If not, now is your chance to get up to date. In this webinar, Henrik Moen and Axel Bjørke will take you through The Norwegian Transparency Act and CSRD. 

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Language: English

About the webinar

Henrik and Axel will present what the Act and CSRD is and how it affects you and your business. 

  • The Norwegian Transparency Act.
  • Introduction of the Act, and its significance on businesses of all sizes in Norway.
  • The difference of being directly and indirectly subjected to the Act.
  • Which steps must be taken by your company.
  • How to best prepare for the Due Diligence Report.
  • The requirement to provide information when requested
  • Introduction of the CSRD.
  • Companies with reporting obligations in 2024, and step-by-step implementation towards 2026.
  • CSRD’s relation to the EU Taxonomy Regulation.
  • How to prepare for implementation of CSRD by submitting transparency reports in accordance with the Norwegian Transparency Act.


About our lawyers

Henrik works with general corporate law, and has a special interest for intellectual property rights. He also assists with questions concerning taxation, monetary claims and contracts. 

Axel works with general business law and specifically assists with matters regarding taxation and corporate law. He also provides support in matters of contract law and sustainability reporting.

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